Quality Testing

Our family run business aims to treat our customers right.  Perhaps that’s why we get so many returning customers.  Our customers know that unexpected emergencies and moving our of the area don’t have to worry about big cancellation fees or contracts.

And remember, we do have a guarantee, you don’t love our water, we will refund you money.  No other company will offer that, so it’s time to get started with a no risk, free trial offer and start living a healthier life style.

Why Trust Silver Springs Water?

To make sure our water meets the proper requirements, we perform daily microbiological sampling and analysis by qualified plant personnel.

Following the procedure, we incubate the sample for 16-22 hours. We check for yellow color and fluorescence with UV light, which would indicate the presence of E. Coli.


Silver Springs Water Company follows the strict safety guidelines set forth by Section 111071 California Health Safety Code.

Source water from Silver Springs Water is from Padre Dam Municipal Water District. This source water from the Padre Dam is within all Federal and State regulations.

SSW - IBWA - Alkaline Water report 2021

IBWA standard of quality report – Alkaline Water


IBWA standard of quality report – Alkaline Water

SSW - IBWA - PLANET ION Water report 2021

IBWA standard of quality report – Alkaline Water


IBWA standard of quality report

Happy Customers

Best water ever!! I buy the 9.0 PH, it tastes so good I drink plenty of water.
Very reliable delivery, friendly service, great customer service.
If you need to call the store, a live person answers and the call is not outsourced.
Love this water, love this company!


San Diego, California